The 4 Ways To Awaken Your Kundalini, Enlightenment

Asanas like pranayama and meditation, as well as kriyas are all yogic techniques that you can use to prepare for kundalini awakening. If you direct the breath or prana towards the dormant kundalini seat, it will awaken and pass to the brain through the sushumna nadi. As the energy ascends through the chakras and connects to different parts of the silent brain, the kundalini awakens. As this energy becomes more active, the areas in the brain that are dormant begin to bloom like flowers. What to eat before ayahuasca?

1. Awakening By Birth

If your parents are highly evolved you may be born with an awakening kundalini. It is possible to be born with a spiritual channel (ida or Pingala Nadi) that has been awakened. Ida nadi originates from the mooladha chakra on the left, and Pingala nadi from the mooladhara on the right. Ida is passive and feminine. It’s the mood-nadi. Pingala represents the masculine sun, which is extrovert, active and passive.

When a person has been born awakened their experiences in life are much more controlled. The process occurs in an organic way with no apparent effort on their part. Children with awakened Kundalini have vision, clarity and high-quality thinking. They also possess an extraordinary philosophy. These children are detached and display mature behaviors.

2. Mantra

It is a long and tedious sadhana to use mantras. First, you need to choose a mantra that is suitable for your needs. A guru can help guide you. By practicing mantras, you can develop your inner vision and force that will enable you to have a life of indifference to the world around you.

When you repeat a mantra over and again, it creates sound waves that create a vibration in your entire mind. You can purify your mind and body by repeating mantras thousands of billions times.

The exercises must be done softly and outloud on both the mental plane as well as psychic level. According to some, kundalini awakens methodically and systematically when you practice them at all four levels.

3. Tapasya

Tapasya refers to the act of performing austerities. The purpose of this is to purify, by burning and setting fire, in order to eliminate, not only physically, but mentally as well. Through this method, the personality as a whole is cleansed of all dirt and negative behaviours that can cause suffering or pain.

It is important to destroy habits and patterns at their psychic origin, rather than just on the conscious level. Tapasya refers to a mental or emotional process in which the individual tries to start a metabolism-moving process to remove habits that cause weakness or obstructs the development of willpower.

The lack of strength can be overcome by repetitively practicing, removing any distance between the resolution and the execution. It is the weak will that makes a final decision. The emotional and mental energy is removed.

4. Herbs

The sanskrit word for this technique is aushadhi. It should not be misunderstood as LSD or another drug. The method is powerful, rapid and not suitable for everyone. Different herbs around the globe can alter the nature of your body or elements, and evoke a partial to full awakening.

The method is best practiced with the help of a guru. While some herbs may suppress ida/pingala and lead to mental illness, others can stimulate them. Plants and the aushadhi way of awakening have been misused by people who weren’t qualified, prepared or competent. It is important to not awaken the kundalini too quickly, otherwise schizophrenia and other mental disorders can develop.

Soma is a juice made from plant stalks, which are picked at special times during the lunar calendar. Then, the juice was buried under the moon until it reached its fullness. This is supposed to bring about visions, experience and awaken higher consciousness.

Ayahuasca- A substance used by healers to help them gain self-knowledge and for therapeutic purposes. It is studied extensively and has been around since ancient times. This substance can be used to treat a variety of issues, with the main focus on helping individuals overcome their harmful habits. The use of this drug in addiction treatment and detoxification is common in places like Brazil and Peru.

Ayahuasca has been shown to be effective in treating depression, anxiety and addiction, as well schizophrenia.

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