Psilocybin as a new treatment for mental health?

Psilocybin can be found in magic mushrooms and more than 200 other species of mushrooms. Schedule I status in the United States indicates that this drug has high potential abuse and is not currently used for medical purposes. Research is growing in interest about the possible therapeutic benefits of Psilocybin. Read more now on soulcybin review.

Psilocybin acts by binding to receptors for serotonin found in the human brain. Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter and is responsible for mood, perception, cognitive abilities, etc. Serotonin receptors are affected by psilocybin, which can lead to altered perceptions, changes in mood, or spiritual experiences.

There were a few small trials conducted to investigate the possible therapeutic benefits of Psilocybin. These studies have demonstrated that psilocybin has the ability to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and addiction. One study, published in 2016, found that patients with cancer who were suffering from depression could benefit from psilocybin. The study concluded that psilocybin had a greater effect on depression symptoms than the placebo, and the effects of this treatment lasted for 6 months.

One study in 2018, published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found psilocybin to be effective in reducing the anxiety symptoms of patients facing life-threatening conditions. The researchers found that psilocybin is more effective at reducing anxiety than placebo, and its effects can last up to a year after treatment.

Psilocybin, a relatively recent research topic, is a new area of study. We still do not fully understand the benefits and dangers it may pose. But the research done so far has shown that psilocybin might have some therapeutic benefits. These findings need to be confirmed and the ideal dosage and method of delivery for psilocybin treatment needs to be determined.

You can find a variety of online resources if you’re interested in finding out more about research into psilocybin. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies(MAPS)is a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to research, development and dissemination of psychedelic-assisted treatments. MAPS maintains a website with information regarding psilocybin and educational materials.

FDA also approved the two clinical trials for the investigation of the potential uses of psilocybin to treat depression. They are in progress, with results expected by 2023.

Research on psilocybin is continuing. As a result, we will learn more of its benefits and potential risks. Talk to your healthcare provider if you want to know more about the research on psilocybin.