Plastic Surgery – Questions You Should Ask!

Plastic Surgery is generally recommended by primary care physicians click here. It’s important to know what qualifies a surgeon to perform a procedure. Always ask your surgeon whether he/she is “Board Certified”. The American Board of Plastic Surgery governs Board Certification of Plastic Surgeons. (There is not a Board of Cosmetic Surgery.). You should also know how experienced your surgeon is in the procedure you are considering. You should not hesitate to ask your surgeon how many procedures he or she performed. A surgeon with experience will give you the best results.

Not all surgical procedures are necessary. You can achieve many of your desired outcomes through non-surgical methods. You can compare the risks and benefits of non-surgical treatments with your plastic surgeon in order to make a more informed decision. Also, it is important to understand how to prepare for the surgery. You may need to quit smoking or lose weight before undergoing surgery. Or, your plastic surgeon might suggest you follow certain instructions regarding your medication. Be sure to state clearly any allergies that you might have, or any conditions you’re currently medicated for. You should also mention any supplements, over-the-counter drugs or vitamins that you take regularly. Other allergies that you might have, such as an allergy to latex or surgical tape, should be disclosed to your doctor.

Each surgery comes with a certain risk. You should always weigh the potential risks and side effects of a procedure before making your decision. Some post-surgical complications and side effects can be managed better than others. You can ask your surgeon if there is a risk of complications and side effects, as well as if they prescribe any medications to help minimize the symptoms. You may be required to take a certain medication by your plastic surgeon before surgery in order to prevent nausea and vomiting.