Condominium Property Management

It is possible to own a part of an entire real estate, such as a hallway, or a portion of it, individually. However, the rights that come with individual ownership are used for the usage and the control of shared facilities, like elevators, heat systems and exterior areas. Visit our website and learn more about Altura EC.

Maintaining a Condo is a full-time job. An experienced management firm can ensure that your Condo investment is a successful one from the moment you are given the keys up until you finally sell it.

Toronto property management companies will assume all daily duties for the condo in the name of the owner. This can include bill payment, rent collection or even the payment of rent. When a unit is rented, it’s possible that rent checks will return NSF. Tenants may choose to pay with cash or through a different bank. An local contact person is required. The city, the condominium buildings management and the utilities companies must all be contacted and bills paid.

Property managers in your area are the first port of call for tenants with questions, issues and concerns. Professional property managers can supervise buildings, tenants and inspect suites.

It is important to have a renter in place when you receive possession. Toronto is a city where tenant screening should be carried out very carefully in order to avoid letting the property go to someone who will not take care of it.