Local SEO – Get your customers to the road

Local SEO is essential to attract new business in today’s mobile-first world. If you are looking for local SEO, a firm offering search engine optimization services is able to help place your company at the forefront of your community. Read more now on local seo Houston.

Local SEO and Long Tail

What’s a Long Tail? In SEO, the term describes keywords which are extremely specific. Not as many people search for these terms as for more general searches, but those that do are often excellent prospects for your business. Let’s look at an illustration.

A dentist is seeking new customers in North York. It is possible to use the keyword, “Toronto dentist” in order to attract new customers. What is her position among the hundreds and even thousands of dental professionals in Greater Toronto Area? Not too well. She could attract more traffic by choosing a “long-tail” keyword phrase. For example, she might choose the phrase “North York dental family”.

Long-tail keywords play a key role in local SEO. SEO consultants analyze the business of their clients to identify the best keywords to use to reach specific target groups, as well as the geographic factors that will grab the customers’ attention.

Local listings and directories

In most towns and cities, there are one or two local online business directories. Many directories are available in large metropolises. Toronto was mentioned previously. Localize SEO if your company spans beyond Toronto, to Mississauga or Pickering.

The SEO consultant you hire can create an integrated local online marketing strategy that encompasses multiple geographic locations. You can improve your ranking for different geographical locations by focusing on the location-based keywords.

Mobile Users & Local SEO

With the availability of more powerful Web Browsers on PDAs and Smartphones, users are looking for local services while they’re out. Consider, for example, a person who is on his own way to dinner and wants to get flowers. His handheld allows him to look for local florists, either near where he is or towards his desired destination.

The florist wants to appear high in search results for this type of person. SEO consultants are able to help implement local SEO strategies for mobile devices.

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