A Few Tips to Keep Your Trailer in Good Condition

Trailer homes, or mobile homes as they are also called, provide an affordable option to many. The compact houses have their own charm, but they also require routine maintenance and repair to stay safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, etc. You’ll learn some important tips for trailer home repair in this article.

Roof Maintenance
Roofs are important because they protect your trailer from weather elements. You should inspect your roof frequently for any damage. This includes cracks, loose tiles, and leaks. It is important to fix problems immediately in order to protect your interior from further damage. Maintain the cleanliness of your gutters by removing all obstructions. You will ensure proper drainage as well as prevent any water from building up.

Exterior Wall Repairs
Examine the exterior wall for any signs of cracks, holes and rot. It is important to fix any damage as soon as possible. This will prevent the problem from getting worse. Replace or repair damaged siding. Seal any gaps between windows and door to prevent leaks.

Plumbing and Electrical Inspections
Inspection of the electrical and plumbing system in your mobile home is important. Watch for any leaks, water stains or drips. This could indicate a problem with your plumbing. Be sure all switches, electrical outlets and fixtures are working properly. In the event that you do not feel comfortable with your repair skills, hire a qualified professional.

Flooring and Subflooring
It is possible for the floors of trailer homes to wear down due to heavy foot traffic. You should inspect the floor to check for damages, like soft spots or cracks. Any problems should be addressed immediately to avoid any further damage. If you have noticed sagging and bouncing flooring, it may be necessary to reinforce or repair your subflooring.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Maintenance
The HVAC system must be maintained properly to ensure a pleasant living environment. Change your air filter regularly to maximize the energy-efficiency and improve the quality of air. For your heating/cooling units, you should perform regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. To save energy and money, upgrade to more efficient HVAC units if needed.

Repairs to windows and doors
Check the sealing and insulation of windows and doors. Check for cracked or damaged glass. Replace it if necessary and make sure the weather-stripping is intact. Properly operating windows and door contributes to the energy efficiency of a home and its overall comfort.

Insulation Upgrades
In older trailers, there may be insufficient insulation which can cause temperature fluctuation and increased energy costs. To improve the energy efficiency of your home and its comfort, consider upgrading the insulation. In order to keep your home comfortable, you should consider insulating walls, floors, ceilings and the subfloor.

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